Custom software solutions & automation

We make cutting-edge software and cybersecurity affordable to small and mid-sized business

Mobile App Development

for iPhone, iPad and Android

Construct your app with the world’s most experienced iOS and Android developers and bring your idea to market faster.

Internet of Things (IOT)

for Raspberry Pi and

Arduino devices

Launch your IOT plans with experienced hands-on experts that can make your Raspberry plans into reality

Matching Algorithms

for Powerful Searching and

Geo-Location Applications

Become the next Uber of “anything” - Geo-Spatial and multivariate matching is our speciality. You decide the rules, let us build your algorithm.

High Performance Software

for Computationally Intensive

Systems and Data Science

Managing Financial Portfolios, mastering Big Data Lakes, or just crunching a lot

of numbers with a computational solver? We can maximize your performance.

Worldwide Teams

focusing on cultural

match and best fit

Did you know that where you make your software matters a lot?

Use our experience and relationships to maximize performance.

Activate developers within 24 hours

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